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Welcome to angling in Thy - one of the best kept secrets in the angling community!

Thy offer a wealth of opportunities for struggling experiences - whether you are

- "Big game hunting" from the fishing boat in 'The Yellow Reef' - one of Europe's most generous fishing grounds,

- Challenging fishing from jetties and groynes along the North Sea coast,

- Or meditation-like calm to be found by a lake, river and inlet.

Fishing License

People between 18 and 65 years in Denmark must be in possession of a valid fishing license, which can be purchased at all tourist offices or ordered from here.

See more on tours to the Yellow Reef here:

See a great page on angling in Thy

Nors S

Natural Area - The lake is part of Hanstholm sanctuary and a popular swimming lake. In Neolithic times was sea gulf, which was subsequently cut off from the sea. Maximum depth: 20 m lake has only underground influent and is one of the country's cleanest lakes with several rare aquatic plants. The lake living among other pike, perch, roach, eel and salmon fish altogether. Fishing is allowed along the State's portion of the south bank of the Nors ...

Vandet S

Natural Area Karsts a popular swimming lake which is formed partly by crack formation, and partly by land fall gaps in the underlying limestone formations. Fish in the lake: pike, perch, roach, eels entirely. Fishing is allowed along the State's portion of the western shore of lake water within the marked area from Bathroom Square to the northern boundary. Special Fiskekort and rules for fishing in the lake can be purchased at Thy Tourist Office.

Hanstholms sydkyst

Fiskevande - coast south of Hanstholm Harbor is known for fine fishing for flatfish and cod in the autumn. In late summer mackerel formulas can get right into the country by sydmolen. If you drive further south towards Klitmller, there is a parking space approximately midway between the two cities. Coast here are power packed and there is deep water. Good fishing for flatfish, sea bass in late summer and in October-November cod up to 2-3 kg.


Ballerum Angling

The lake is located at Tang Rimmen 14, Ballerum.
200,000 m2 of water dams.
Forest and natural areas.

Open all year from pm. 6 to sunset ....

The lake is located at Tang Rimmen 14, Ballerum.
200,000 m2 of water dams.
Forest and natural areas.

Fiskekort per. rod:
2 hours 60.00
4 hours 80.00
6 hours 100.00
8 hours 120.00
money down to the mailbox.

Trout (up to 1 kg.)
pike (up to 12 kg.)
tench (up to 2 kg.)
carp (up to 10 kg.)
eels (up to 2 kg).