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Thisted Camping
Iversensvej 3
7700 Thisted
Phone +4597921635
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Open: 01.01. - 31.12.
LON 8 42 47.4120'
LAT 56 57 9.2520'
City Camp
City Camp

Thisted - many adventures.

Discover Thisted

Thisted is a cosy old town with many narrow, winding streets and a pleasant, newly renovated pedestrian precinct with plenty of excellent shopping opportunities.

New Swimming at thy-hall, skaterhall, rowing-club, surf-club, exercise-club, bowlinghall..


Guided tour

Get a booklet with 3 different tours around the city.
Together, they "almost" a complete city tour and gives a good impression of Thisted ..

Thisted is a nice, old town, where there are many narrow and winding streets and a cozy renovated pedestrian street with lots of shopping sly similarities



Fun pool, gym and skaterhal for the whole family ..


Remember kids on roller skates or skateboarding ...


Enjoy a stroll along the Limfjord to center around. 10 minutes walk to the woods about 15 minutes walk.
You can also just relax at one of the benches along the bay or relax on the bridge, enjoy the silence and the view!


Stor naturlegeplads i skoven med ca. 2 km. lang forhindringsbane for hele familien..
Der forefindes fast grill, blplads, overdkket spiseplads samt grsareal for boldspil m.m.
S nyd madkurven i det fri og f en fornjelig dag med hele familien!!


Near the center are Christian gift site, where there are statues of the entire royal line. Friluftscene. Old kitchen garden with herbs and edible flowers. Miniature Sleeping Beauty castle, constructed in wood and precious metals. Playground, wooden huts and eventyrsti.

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