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Holidays with dog

Several places in Thy there is dogs forests where you can drop your dog loose and let it frolic in this beautiful nature.

You'll find 3 dogs woods near us: Vilsbl Plantation sterild Klitplantage and Faddersbll.

Dog wood in Trvekr v / Vilsbl Klitplantage

Dogs forest, which covers an area of approx. 2 ha., lies immediately south of Klitmllervej. Turn in at the 13.6 km mark.
Dogs forest is fenced south facing meadow.
The forest here consists mostly of various species of fir in ages around 40 years.
The forest is also accessible to strollers, wheelchairs (if the companion is included), and agile.

Dog wood in sterild Klitplantage

Dogs forest, which is a fenced area of approx. 27 ha., located north of Old Aalborgvej, only approx. 1 km. northeast of sterild.
The entrance from the parking area at Old Aalborgvej at 15.5 km mark, and from Hjardemlvej opposite Jens Smeds road.
A marked hiking trail leads through woods dogs. The route is described as "dog ride" in the walking tour folder for sterild Klitplantage.
The forest is fenced and has access for prams.

Dog wood by Faddersbll

Dog forest in Faddersbll is part of an afforestation area where planting has begun in the early 1990s. This represents about a young forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
There is access for dogs forest from a small parking area on the north side of Voruprvej and along a marked path from the nearby Faddersbll Mill.
The mill has recently been restored and contains an exhibition on the mill operation and nature in the area - see "Faddersbll Mill ".
The forest is fenced and is also accessible to prams, wheelchair users whose companion is with.